SØR is a symbol for sheer pleasure in good style. Thanks to its diversity, the label can offer clothes which are in harmony with the wearer's personal dress style, providing a wide choice of men's and women's clothes suitable for all occasions; finest Italian cashmere knitted collections, shirts and blouses from the best Italian and German weaving mills, suits bearing the hallmark of top-class tailoring craftsmanship, beautifully made chinos, accessories, including ties and scarves from German silkweaving companies, shoe collections of the finest Italian calfskin.

The selection is enormous and includes brands like Van Laack, Canali, Windsor, Belstaff, Barbour, Allude, Artigiano, Colmar, Floris van Bommel and many more. In this way, the SØR approach combines clothing culture and luxury: mind you, as far as SQR is concerned, luxury simply means
artfully limiting the choice tojustthe very best. “Wejust dress Germany better!" - SØR has successfully and confidently upheld this guiding principle for many years. In over 60 SØR branches, situated in locations from Sylt to Rottach Egern, customers receive competent style advice in the classic ambience of a fashion salon. The distinctive chequered marble floor, the original English antiques and the selection of finest contemporary art, which adorn every SØR store, allow the customer to escape for a moment from the hectic atmosphere and unpredictability of normal shopping centres. Here, you will find a mix of tradition and fashion, a place which brings together culture and the spirit of the times, as demonstrated by the large number of top-quality brands, some of which have been collaborating with the family firm for over 75 years.

Inspired by a desire to inject some international chic without all the chichi into Germany's economic miracle, Egon and Doris Rusche opened their first branch of SlR in Bieleleld, an old linen weaving town in eastern Westphalia, in 1956. This traditional family firm, wich dates back to 1897, quickly extended its reputation beyond the borders of North Rhine Westphalia and grew with impressive speed to become Germany's premier menswear company. The range of international premium brands, as well as the SØR label itself, bore testimony to its owner's unerring fashion sense and met with considerable interest in cities like Hanover, Hamburg and Munich. Not only did he have ar appreciation of aesthetic style and quality but Egon Rusche was also blessed with the attributes of discretion and modesty. He never sought out the rich and tamous but they nonetheless liked coming to him. Regular customers included the Shah of Persia, the Prince of Thurn and Taxis and Herbert von Karajan, whose white SØR cashmere turtle-neck pullovers — in breach of all the usual etiquette — became an lndispensable feature oif his conductor's outfit. They all enjoyed wearing clothes picked from the timeless, elegant collections, which Egon and Doris Rusche assembled with an unerring instinct for quality and style and were suitable for every situation.
ln 1967, a dilemma regarding the label name SIR gave rise to an amusing and significant anecdote. One morning, as Egon Rusche was enjoying his usual breakfast ol crispbread, he noticed with great excitement the Scandinavian letter “(Ø)” on the Smørrebrod packet, thereby bringing weeks of agonising over a new name for Sir to a happy conclusion. The pronunciation was preserved whilst a new, memorable logo was coined which remains unique to this day.

Thomas Rusche

ln 1984, young Thomas Rusche acceded to his parents’ wishes and joined them in the family firm. Encouraged by the changing times, this ambitous son introduced
computer technology to the firm and developed his father's plans to build up a catalogue trade. Despite his open-minded approach to progress, Thomas Rusche,
a qualified Doctor of Economics and Philosophy, remained committed to style and maintained his unique relationship with the culture of clothing. Consequently, in 1991, Rusche, long-standing president of the International Mens Wear Group (IMG) and passionate art collector, published "The little SØR guide to clothing culture".
The book became the ultimate encyclopaedia for the well-dressed gentleman of the world, who recognised the cultural dimensions of clothing and was keen to dress
with impeccable taste in every situation. It was one of the few works on the subject to be translated into English. To this day, the SØR guide is still regarded as the bible of clothes culture even in the country that invented the suit. In 2012 Thomas Rusche published ,,The Label Book of Cloting Culture''. The elegant book describes 48 premium brands, which are characterized by their quality, tradition and innovation, and partly maintain a long-term partnership
with SØR. A tribute to the masters of their subject. The soul of SØR is all about timeless beauty and what is elegantly good; Redi ad pulch rum — return to beauty (Augustinus).


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