The IMG is a unique organisation founded in 1958 by the legendary Mr. Giesbers of the Netherlands who established a small core of the very finest menswear retailers from Europe and Scandinavia. The integrity and value of the group which now includes members from USA and Canada, depends very much on the ability and willingness of busy, focused family retailers to freely give some of their lives to sharing their business experiences with other members. Not just during the annual conference and the buyers’ meetings in Florence and Milan, but at other times during the year, sharing personal and business news, contributing support and ideas.

The IMG insists on very strict guidelines of confidentiality and behaviour. Financial figures are compiled and benchmarked, discussed and goals set for the following years. A complete and open business report is presented by each member to the Group at the annual meeting. There is very little we don’t know about each others’ businesses.

In 2018 the IMG celebrated its 60th birthday. More diverse and dynamic than in years past, the Group has been strengthened by a heady mix of new members bringing fresh experience and energy to the IMG. The combined buying power of the IMG is extraordinary: sales of well over half a billion euros in 150 stores, employing 2500 people across 100,000 square metres of retail space.