Wilkes Bashford

Mitchells & Wilkes Bashford Wilkes Bashford is an iconic family business off Union Square in San Francisco long owned and managed by Wilkes Bashford himself, a dapper, flamboyant personality well known in the Bay area for buying and selling the world’s most luxurious menswear.

A year ago Mitchells Family of Stores bought Wilkes’s business and have since stamped Wilkes Bashford with the famous Mitchell’s trademark service and customer focused management. Tyler Mitchell, Bill Mitchell’s son, moved to San Francisco to manage the store. Jack Mitchell and his son Andrew travel weekly or fortnightly to oversee the changes in the store. In the 12 months since Mitchells have owned Wilkes Bashford the store has experienced major but subtle change and unprecedented increases in sales. Wilkes himself continues to play a role in the store and has encouraged the transition from day one

Wilkes Bashford Store Interior San Francisco